We’ve all read the headlines about the headlines: newspapers in America are dying, one by one. Digital journalism has destroyed print journalism, and now it’s just a slow, inevitable slide for one newspaper after another, as they cut staff, cut delivery, cut content, and finally just fade away.
     So, this must be a terrible time to start a newspaper…so, we’re starting a newspaper.
     We’re starting a string of local, community newspapers, because we believe that there will always be a place for local stories, and we believe that people still want to touch and feel that content, and pass it back and forth to each other across the table.
     We also believe that although much of the decline of newspapers was probably inevitable, a whole lot of it was driven by clueless giant media companies, mostly based on the East Coast, who care much more about quarterly earnings reports than the local communities they are supposed to cover. They bought up a slew of local brands years ago to make a buck, and now they’ve ceased to be local at all. And ever since the easy money stopped rolling in, they’re showing just how hollow their commitment to our communities always was.
     Our papers are 100% local news; you will have to go elsewhere for national news or celebrity clickbait content. You can’t subscribe to our paper- we are funded exclusively by advertising content. We may eventually post some of our content online, but unlike the big corporate media conglomerates, we are happy to leave all the tweeting and posting to someone else.
     We don’t pay for any of our content. The stories you see in our papers were either written by volunteers or the owners of that paper. If you’re interested in contributing stories, or bringing Ohio Neighborhood News to your town, you can email us at info@ohioneighborhoodnews.com.
     The decline of American newspapers has left a large hole where our civic dialogue used to be. One community at a time, we’re going to try and add a little bit of content to the mix. We believe that’s a mission worth all the hard work.
     We hope you enjoy it.